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Jason Bradley


Posted Aug 5th 2011 at 9:27 am

by Jason Bradley

We need to backup and take a moment to collect ourselves. While it is true we have a wounded president who appears all but finished as a one termer, it will not be from lack of support from the Left. I can certainly see the logic in assuming otherwise, however. After all, his presidency has been one big stinker. But if there is one thing that is utterly amazing to witness it is the limitless power of a child’s mind.

In the case when grown-ups possess a child’s mind they become trapped within it. Because grown-ups have things a child does not: Experience and years of living. In other words, liberals willfully reject reality for fantasy. They are irrational, emotional, prone to tantrums and cry out, “but that’s not fair!” when things do not go their way. For a child, that is his only defense against a world he does not understand and is ill-equipped to cope with. For an adult, it is a sickness.

Remember, these grown-ups packed arenas and parks to hear Bob the Builder say, “Yes We Can!” Some even fainted like teeny boppers at a Justin Bieber concert. Their writers even wrote about Obama’s “hip-hop moment” as if that is somehow relevant to being a good leader.

There’s no doubt the cat is cool. It’s easy to imagine the wild reception many parts of the world would give a President Obama as he loped down the stairs of Air Force One in his aviator glasses, the chic and chiseled Michelle on his arm.

But to baby-sitters in their late teens, MTV viewers, Daily Show fans, sophomore undergraduates and yuppies it surpassed all other moments in presidential history. They were the ones they had been waiting for. It was the moment when the rise of the oceans slowed and the planet began to heal. Whatever that all meant.

On the flip side to all of this, liberals are an emotional bunch and they do grow bored. In their world, fads come and go and they are only subject to what is “soo hot” at the time. The same emotional powers that catapulted him over the boring and cantankerous John McCain could prove flat this time around. Some will forget to vote or just choose to stay in. Others will be fighting with their boyfriend or girlfriend at the time and will be thoroughly occupied. The rest will, however, lineup and vote for the change they all refuse to give up on.

Therefore, conservatives make an erroneous charge in saying that liberals will not turn out for Obama. They will. There is no hope for their clinical condition. What will be President Obama’s demise at the polls are those who voted against better judgment and gave way to the historic theme of electing American’s first black president. The energy and buzz during the last election was hard to control against for many. Turnout proved to be the key.

Everyone is entitled to a mistake just as everyone makes poor decisions. And make no mistake about it, America made a mistake and exercised poor judgment when it elected President Obama. However, most people tend to learn from mistakes and grow wiser from bad decisions. It is those sorts of people who will work against Obama next time around, and not his liberal base. The flirtation with hope proved to be a fallacy. The platitudes were far different than the policies. The media image was nothing like the man. Because of those realities, many will take a look around and realize they were duped.

Liberals are a low minority in this country. They can’t win any national election on their own. Conservatives and Independents far outnumber them. And the opportunity for Obama to win back independents has closed. The one group he must have the majority of to win. He has been bleeding independent voters for over a year. Judging from the president’s track record while in office, there will be no great turn around to win them back between now and Election Day.

As a natural consequence, independents will end Obama’s disastrous era.

A majority of independent voters say they disapprove of Obama’s handing of his job, and far fewer independents say they would vote to re-elect the president, the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press reported.

In the Pew survey, taken July 20 to July 24, some 54 percent of independents said they disapproved of Obama’s job performance, his highest disapproval rating among those voters so far. Some 36 percent said they approved of the president’s handling of his job.

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