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By: Taylor McAdams

December 21, 2011

If you are like me, a conservative American, you may think that the program title All-American Muslim is an oxymoron.  Obviously, we all agree that there are some Muslims in America that are genuine Americans who came here, or whose family came here to escape the oppression and tyranny of Islamic Sharia law.

Nevertheless, if you are an avid Muslim adherent to the Koran, you should know that the call of every Muslim is to convert the entire world to Islam; and anyone that does not convert is to be killed.  That sounds pretty intense and straight forward to a common sense American.

The United States of America was created by our God fearing forefathers who were in agreement that our rights are God given.  These rights come from the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and others wanted freedom from the tyranny of King George of England.

The bottom line is that after much prayer and deliberation, our forefathers drafted the Declaration of Independence which is the basis for our Constitution.

Our Declaration and Constitution provided us with the premise all of us are created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain “unaliable” rights, among which are life, liberty and property, which later, under Abraham Lincoln, became the “pursuit of happiness.”

The foundation of our Nation under the Declaration and Constitution is diametrically opposed to Islamic Sharia law, which is the law that some Muslims are trying to bring to the United States.  I believe this foreign law is unconstitutional.

To say that I’m All-American Irish, or she’s All-American Italian, he’s All-American Japanese, she’s All-American Mexican has proven to be acceptable because the generations of Irish, Japanese and Italian that have come to this country came to become “American” meant that, even though you have traditions from your ethnicity, you become engrained into the established American Culture.

There is a difference between accepting the American way of life, and demanding to impose (through legal and other ways) your religion and traditions upon the American People.  That is why I believe that the “politically correct” program on TLC is an attempt to spread Islamic Muslim propaganda to desensitize the American people into ‘accepting’ a culture and ideology that is basically rooted in tyranny and the destruction of all non-Muslims.

I commend the following advertisers for pulling their support of the TLC program (All-American Muslim).  It is my desire, not to shun Muslims in America, but to have them embrace our culture and traditions, without imposing their culture and traditions upon us.


The following Companies ALSO Pulled ads from the Show All-American Muslim:

Support their All-American Action!!

3M (Command, Scotch brand tape),

Airborne Vitamin,

Amway, (says it has been misrepresented)

Anheuser Busch Inbev (Select55),

Art Instruction Schools,


Bank of America (Cash Rewards),

Bare Escentuals,

Brother International (Ptouch),

Campbell’s Soup,

Capital One,

Church & Dwight (Oxi Clean, Arm & Hammer),

City Furniture,

Conagra (Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes),

Corinthian Colleges (Everst411),

Cotton, Inc.,

Cumberland Packing (Sweet’N Low), (says it has been misrepresented)

Dell computers,

Diamond Foods (Kettlebrand Chips),

Estee Lauder (Clinique),

ET Browe (Palmer’s Cocoa butter),


General Motors (Chevy Runs Deep),

Good Year,

Green Mountain Coffee,

Guthy Renker (Proactiv),

Hershey kisses,

Home Depot, (says it has been misrepresented)

Honda North America,

HTC Phones,


JC Penney,

JP Morgan Chase (Chase Sapphire),

Kayak.com, Kellogg (Special K),

Koa Brands (John Frieda),

Leapfrog Enterprise (Leapster Explorer),

Lowe’s (admits to cancelling ads) ***

Mars (Dove Chocolate),


Nationwide Insurance,

News Corp (We bought a zoo movie),

Nintendo (Mariokartz.com),

Novartis (Theraflu),

Old Navy,

Pernod Ricard (Kahlua),


Pier One,

Pfizer (Centrum vitamin),

Procter & Gamble (Align Probiotic, Crest, Febreze, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Pur, Tide),

Progressive Insurance,

Prudential Financial,

Radio Shack,

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse,

SC Johnson (Drano, Glade, Scrubbing Bubbles),

Sears ,

Signet (Kay Jewelers),

Sonic Drive-ins,

Subaru, T

HQ (uDraw),


Toyota (Camry),


Vtech (Mobi Go, V Reader),


Whirlpool (Maytag)