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Lee Stranahan


Posted Jan 3rd 2012 at 2:12 pm

by Lee Stranahan

To understand the truly obscene nature of the fraud perpetrated by Obama’s Justice Department on the state of South Carolina, you need to see the statistical trap that they’ve laid out. The DOJ is well aware that the numbers they are basing their decision about South Carolina’s voter ID laws on are incorrect. By establishing the “Holder Math” standard that I described in part one of this series, when the correct numbers are acknowledged, the DOJ will be able to dishonestly claim the situation is actually even worse than before.

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The Obama DOJ Ignores South Carolina’s Correct Data

First, let’s look at the data that the DOJ knows is incorrect.

The figures that the DOJ is basing their conclusion on was based on an initial report from South Carolina that 239,000 people were both registered voters and didn’t have DMV-issued ID. The breakdown is that 10% of black registered voters and 8.4% of white voters don’t have that type of ID. Even at a cursory glance, those numbers seem high. That’s the ID you use to open a bank account, buy a beer, board an airplane or 100 other things.

Apparently South Carolina thought that the numbers seemed off, too. According to this eye-opening interview with South Carolina’s Attorney General Wilson, the state did an audit and found that from that group of 239,000 included 37,000 people who were deceased, 96,000 who had moved to other states, and other discrepancies.

Wilson claims that the actual number of people without DMV-issued ID is actually about 27,000.  (It should be mentioned here as an aside that South Carolina has made extensive provisions for those people who don’t have ID, including being able to get the ID free and even offering free rides). The Obama DOJ was informed about this other data and intentionally rushed through a decision based on the faulty data, another  indication of their political agenda.

So the real number of people who are registered to vote and don’t have a DMV-issued ID is actually a fraction of the numbers that the DOJ used. The DOJ was well aware of this, so they have a Holder Math ace in their sleeve; the smaller numbers will actually allow them to distort reality even further.

How The Holder Math Trap Works

We don’t know what the final tally will be, so I want to emphasize that I’m making up the following numbers to illustrate the ruse here. Actually, almost any lower numbers you use would show the same thing due to the effect of the Holder Math trick; lower numbers yield a higher “faux disparity,” like the 20% number that the DOJ and their allies in the press toss around. I’ll mention again that this is explained in Part 1 of this series – much of what you’re about about to read won’t make sense if you haven’t read that first.

As a reminder, the incorrect data the DOJ used was 239,000 voters without DMV issued ID. 10% of black voters, 8.4% of white voters. That’s a real disparity of 1.6% but the DOJ called it 20%. Why? Because in Holder Math, 10 is 20% larger than 8.4  – numbers that are mathematically accurate but totally misleading.

(10 / 8.4 ) – 1 = .19 – or 20% faux disparity

(Note : the DOJ rounded 19 up to 20 because why not?)

What would happen if the real numbers were that 3% of black voters don’t have DMV-issued IDs and 2% of white voters don’t have DMV-issued IDs? These numbers would clearly indicate LESS real disparity. Instead of the (already small) 1.6% difference based on the larger and incorrect data, there’s an even smaller 1% difference. And the number of people without currently issued IDs is smaller, too – indicating that less people would have to get IDs. So, in every way this would seem to argue against the DOJ’s case. Less people, less real disparity.

But if we use Holder Math, this scenario shows a 50% faux disparity.

(3 / 2) – 1 = .5 – or a staggering 50% faux disparity!

What if the numbers of voters with no DMV-issued ID was REALLY small? Let’s say we discovered that the number of blacks with no DMV-issued ID was 1.4% but the number of whites with no DMV-issued ID was 1%. Now we’re down to a .4% difference and only dealing with a very small slice of the population. It doesn’t matter, thanks to the miracle of Holder Math!

(1.4 / 1 ) – 1 = .4 – a stunning 40% faux disparity!

This demonstrates the complete fraud that the DOJ has perpetrated with their “20%” figure by using the total irrelevant ratio of two numbers. The numbers are going to get lower, the Department of Justice knows it, and they’ve set up a formula that will allow them to spin the lower numbers in an even more misleading way.

This is exactly the sort of semi-complex issue that citizens need the press to help them sort out. When the government perpetrates a sneaky fraud like this on the public, the people rely on the news media to expose it. As we’ll see in the next part of this series, the media is providing cover for the Obama administration.

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