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By: – Posted: January 06, 2012

“A Big Win for Romney in Iowa” Karl Rove

“Romney’s huge win” Dick Morris

“A big win for Romney” Carter Eskew

“Media Downplay Big Win For Romney In Iowa” Editorial, Investors Business Daily

Come on man? Investors Business Daily too?

The first three headlines I expected. If there were to be a vote on who would be the face next to the entry for “Republican Establishment” in Merriam and Webster’s dictionary 2012 Edition it would be Karl Rove. Dick Morris is the “Smeagol” of Washington D.C. political pollsters and insiders. One never knows if he is being serious or just trying to get headlines to regain his “precious”, relevancy. Walter Eskew works for the Washington Post, that in itself is enough damning evidence but lord knows Jennifer Rubin could have had a gun to the back of his head as well. The one that surprised me is the usually sane Investors Business Daily editorial. Et tu IBD? Et tu?

Let us get down to the bottom of this pom-pom waiving for Mitt Romney. The “Republican Establishment” knows the support for Mitt Romney is weak and tenuous at best. They need this to be a “Big Win” for Romney not because Iowa is important, hell none of the votes actually count from Tuesday, they are non-binding. They are really setting up the win in New Hampshire to be more significant than that will actually be as well. Everyone knows Romney will win New Hampshire. Why do you think everyone from K street lobbyist to National Review has been planning road trips to Manchester. That’s when they all declare that Romney is officially inevitable. A massive wave of Romney love sweeping across the nation and all other primaries are foolish to ride against the Romney tide.

It is in fact the only strategy that can work for candidate Romney. No matter how long they stand beside him looking into the mirror repeating reaffirming phrase to themselves he is still only going to be Mr. 25%. They know this so the plan all along has been to basically wear the conservative base down till they throw up their hands and say “Screw it!”, just give up, and commit themselves once again to dragging their unenthusiastic butts down to the polls pulling the lever for a person they do not believe in hoping that next time they get someone they can be enthusiastic about.

The one thing these Ivy League political savants have not seemed to put into this equation is that the conservative base is teetering on the edge of saying “Screw You!” And either continuing to drop in behind the latest Anyone But Romney du jour, going third party, or in the end just staying home. Does the Republican Establishment even care?

I don’t think they do.

Number of years campaigning in Iowa: 5

Cost per vote: $126.00+

Percentage of vote gained: 25%

Number of votes acquired in year 2012 over 2008: -6

Image of Dick Morris looking up Karl Roves skirt while doing Statue of Liberty position………

Disgustingly priceless.