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January 17, 2012

Mary Lewis – LifeAndLibertyPAC
Testimony in a Chicago federal court claims that the Department of Justice willingly and knowing gave Fast & Furious guns directly to the bloody Sinaloa drug cartel of Mexico.

Two honorable US agents, dozens of Mexican police officers and thousands of Mexican citizens have been slaughtered with Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious guns. And now it appears that Holder’s guns did not simply walk across the border, but were knowingly and specifically delivered to one of the world’s most vicious drug cartels.

In proceedings filed in a Chicago federal court, defendant Vicente Jesus Zambada-Niebla claims that the Department of Justice struck a deal with leaders of the Sinaloa drug cartel, in which cartel leaders received Fast & Furious guns in exchange for providing information and assistance against other drug and crime cartel organizations.

While some might dismiss defendant Jesus Zambada-Niebla’s testimony as a drug runner’s desperate attempt to wiggle out of a hefty conviction, think again.

Congress’ own investigative report into Fast & Furious shows that the majority of “walked” guns wound up in the hands of none other than Zambada-Niebla’s Sinaloa cartel. Zambada-Niebla is the son of one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Mexico, and Zambada-Niebla claims that the Sinaloa’s own Mexico based attorney brokered the deal with US government officials.

The defendant’s attorneys filed documents which specifically named the Fast & Furious operation last July, well before Holder’s scandal became widely publicized.
Court documents report that Zambada-Niebla’s attorneys claim to have supporting evidence.

As soon as Zambada-Niebla’s attorney filed the motion regarding the evidence mentioned above, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice immediately filed a motion to invoke the “Classified Information Procedures Act” – effectively silencing all further court proceedings.

Enacted 30 years ago, CIPA was designed for the single purpose of securing against public courtroom disclosure of classified materials such as covert, clandestine government operations.

It would appear that Eric Holder not only allowed guns to “walk” across the border, Holder’s plan literally placed guns in the hands of one of the world’s most vicious drug cartels – all in the name of conning America into gun control.

In a stunning display of ruthless arrogance, Eric Holder refused to be sworn under oath when he last testified before Congress! But under law, his testimony is “sworn” anyway, and opens him to perjury charges for lying. Later, Holder also admitted he willfully attempted to mislead Congress, but blamed the entire Fast & Furious debacle on racism – and refused to take any personal responsibility.

Eric Holder said he “regrets” giving Congress a false written statement regarding Fast & Furious, but then lamely attempted to justify having done so by pulling out the well worn and utterly worthless Obama Administration “race card.”

Holder insisted that he, his Fast & Furious operation and indeed Fearless Leader Himself, Barack Obama, all are under attack because, “This is a way to get at the president because of the way I can be identified with him, both due to the nature of our relationship and, you know, the fact that we’re both African-American.”

Never mind the 2,500 guns Eric Holder put in the hands of murderous Mexican Drug Cartels

Never mind the 2,000 plus Mexican citizens murdered with those guns

Never mind the two dead US Federal Agents murdered with those guns

Never mind the ill-conceived, unconstitutional operation was a Obama Administration conspiracy to foist illicit gun control upon our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, in circumvention of our US Congress

Never mind that the operation violated US law, Mexican law and International treaties.

Nope, Eric Holder just announced his belief he is under attack from “white people.”

This man as Attorney General took a solemn oath and was entrusted by the nation with prosecuting the equal enforcement of our laws, irrespective of race, creed or color. He has demonstrated his complete unfitness for this trust of office. IS IT ANY WONDER HE REFUSED TO PROSECUTE THE BLACK PANTHER VOTER INTIMIDATION CASE?

This man MUST be removed from the Department of Justice, indicted and made to stand trial for his crimes. Literally thousands of innocent dead, murdered with Eric Holder’s guns, DEMAND JUSTICE!

Holder and his aides have been committing perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power in testimony before Congress, seeking to evade accountability for their Fast & Furious felonies. These are high crimes and misdemeanors; Attorney General Eric Holder is immediately responsible for their commission, and MUST be impeached.

Eric Holder is a shameless political fixer and ruthless Beltway operative, well-schooled in the Chicago Way. He kicked his national profile up during the Clinton administration by helping to pardon notorious tax cheat Marc Rich and to gain clemency for the convicted Puerto Rican terrorists of FALN. Under his direction the U.S. Department of Justice has gone rogue, violating the rule of law and America’s fundamental principle of equal justice. Holder has refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers for blatant voter intimidation perpetrated during the 2008 election, and reportedly will not pursue any cases in which the perpetrators are black and the victims white.

States like Arizona and Alabama are being sued by DOJ for simply attempting to enforce federal immigration laws. Holder is actively opposing state efforts to reduce fraud and vote-stealing at the ballot box by requiring voter identification cards.

Congressional investigators say Holder clearly knew about Fast & Furious and wanted to use the excuse of increased violence on the border and weapons-smuggling into Mexico to justify intensified gun-control. The Obama Administration is fighting ferociously to prevent more internal Justice documents from reaching Congress, because once his full involvement is uncovered, the Obama presidency will be jeopardized.

We have been reporting for months the obvious truth that Operation Fast & Furious not only constituted a criminal enterprise on behalf of the Obama Department of Justice, but also that Attorney General Eric Holder was actively working to cover up the Administration’s crimes.

A number of Congressmen are now publicly demanding Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation. Some have even filed a resolution of “No Confidence.” All these were not inappropriate actions MONTHS ago when Life and Liberty PAC was leading the charge calling for them to put pressure on Holder, but as evidence of criminal wrongdoing has mounted, this simply is not enough. Only through a full impeachment trial will we learn the breadth and depth of the corruption within the Obama Administration.

To get the truth – the full hard and awful truth – of the Obama Administration’s involvement not only in Operation Fast and Furious, but also in the multitude of additional criminal scandals surrounding Barack Obama and his entire Executive Branch, Eric Holder cannot simply be allowed to resign. No, ERIC HOLDER MUST BE INDICTED and PROSECUTED so that all the damning details of all the Obama wrongdoing can see the light of day at trial.

Rep. Darrell Issa compares AG Eric Holder and his blatant Fast & Furious criminal cover up to John Mitchell – the Nixon era Attorney General convicted of conspiracy, perjury and felony obstruction of justice, who served 19 months in prison for the Nixon DOJ cover up of the Watergate scandal.

In an outstanding demonstration of Congressional prerogative and Constitutional authority, Chairman Issa, Rep. Chaffetz and Rep. Gohmert forced Eric Holder to admit under oath he has withheld evidence, defied a Congressional subpoena, and is likely in contempt of Congress. When Holder weakly tried to defend his unlawful, unconstitutional refusal to release the information Congress demanded, by arguing that he was just following the protocol of previous DOJ actions, Rep. Issa delivered the day’s final blow – by referencing John Mitchell, the Nixon-era Attorney General who spent 19 months in prison for his criminal DOJ cover up.

John Mitchell, Attorney General under President Richard Nixon, was convicted of conspiracy, perjury, and obstruction of justice and sentenced to two and half to eight years of federal prison as a result of his participation in planning the notorious Watergate break-in, and the crimes of the Nixon administration’s attempted cover up.

With Eric Holder’s wrongdoing, in an excellent display of cross examination skills, a handful of House Republicans were finally able to illicit enough testimony to indict Eric Holder for the same crimes John Mitchell committed. And we all know where that led.

Oh, where are the Woodward and Bernstein “investigative” journalists relentlessly pursuing and reporting the truth when you need them? Never mind, they only investigate Republicans. In the meantime, you have Life & Liberty PAC.

LLPAC was the very first organization to press investigation of Holder and Obama, and regularly report to you, the American public, the mind-boggling corruption and lawlessness of the DOJ and its White House master – including racialist prosecution policies, gunwalking, money laundering and the murderous results of Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious anti-Second Amendment operations.

We were the first to inform you of Eric Holder’s long time private connections with gunrunners. This summer, our staff members even flew to Washington at their own expense to present little-known, critical information to Members of Congress, and demand that there be full Congressional investigations of Eric Holder’s Gunwalker/Fast & Furious criminal activities.

Finally, a few good men in Congress are listening – but they and we need YOUR support if they are to prevail, and not be derailed by the powerful political establishment that FEARS the truth!

Our unwavering resolve in investigating and exposing Eric Holder’s corruption has cost us dearly. Our organization has been under unremitting cyber attack all summer and fall, ever since Obama launched in May – at taxpayers’ expense – his relentless “progressive media & online response” cyber war against patriot citizen groups like ours. The high costs to fight back against technological and regulatory harassment has been prohibitive, but we are still here, and still battling for Congressional action!

Sources tell us that Fast & Furious isn’t the only thing Eric Holder is hiding. In fact, our sources indicate that Eric Holder is literally preventing disclosure of a barrage of damaging evidence and information regarding Barack Obama’s dirty dealings in the infamous Chicago Way.


If we force the full indictment of Eric Holder, the dam of protection around Obama, his shadowy past and shady dealings, all the cover ups, might finally, finally begin to crumble. Things may very well end as they did for the Nixon administration – with the removal of man unfit to occupy the Oval Office.



Thank you. I know I can count on you to defend LIFE AND LIBERTY!


Mary Lewis, Chair

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