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Posted: January 22, 2012
I have just finished reading and article written by C.Edmund Wright titled ”Psst: Hear the Roar and Pay Attention”. An excellent piece which basically points out the total disconnect of the Republican Establishment and the conservative base. Here was the clincher for me:

Yet the elites ignored the roar.  After all, the roar came from the unwashed. It came from the fans of cockfights.  It came from tea party folks and other such rabble.  Inside the sterile cable studios and on their laptops, the pundits scored their debate and their election prospects without the roar.  They have their little formulas about who has to raise doubts here and who has to score points there.

What they don’t understand is what the roar means.”

After reading the article and pumping my fist in the air screaming “Hell Yeah!” I had myself a think.

Why is it that what would seem to be so basic, so fundamental, so slap you upside the head obvious to the conservative base who for the most part are just every day working Jane and Joes with duties that keep our beloved country fed, watered, and running is completely lost to the Charles and Anns of conservative punditry? One would think that being armed with a diploma from an Ivy League college, having inside the Beltway access to pollsters, conservative politicians, and political strategists both retired and practicing they would also be toting an eye for the obvious in at least ankle holster or a garter belt.

Has the ability to see the obvious been bred out of them? Was it taught to be ignored in the halls of Ivy League academia? Is it because they are not only to close to the trees to see the forrest, they are the trees themselves? I have no answers but I do have a possible solution.

We, the conservative base need to create a new national holiday. I propose to call it Take a Conservative Pundit Home for a Week.

Now dont get excited thinking you will get a week off from work. That would defeat the purpose. The idea is that you will drag your conservative pundit around with you wherever you go for a week. Whether it is to work or to the grocery store, they will be with you. They will get to see what its like to live as a peon outside the beltway. Meet your best friend who has been through a few bad marriges and is laid off. Show them you know no one who has accounts in Bermuda and you basically live paycheck to paycheck. Let them experience what its like to see a fellow coworker lose their job and be walked out crying mumbling he or she has no idea how they are going to feed their family. Take them to that same persons house as you bring them what little you can afford to help out. Let them sit in the car beside you for an hour in the driveway while you wonder and worry that you might be next.

I am sure some of these pundits have experienced these things themselves in their own life but I doubt its been recently. Maybe they need to be reminded. Maybe we need to dumb themback down a little. Whatever it is we need to do it quick. They are losing touch with reality at an alarming rate and at the very worst possible moment.

I feel that if we can get some of these conservative pundits out of the beltway for a bit they may be able to see the frustration growing and surging. They may see why the conservative base wants a fighter, a scrapper. We want to win or at least go down swinging. We need these conservative pundits to look through our eyes looking up at them and what we see. Not them looking down at us telling us what we should be seeing.

I just dont think a week will be enough for some of them.