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By Noel Sheppard| January 26, 2012

One of the Media Research Center’s dearest friends and supporters, Mark Levin, has a new book out called “Ameritopia” which as CNSNews reports will debut at number one on the New York Times best seller list in four different nonfiction categories.

On Tuesday, the esteemed author and radio host spoke to NewsBusters by phone about the book’s contents and how the media are assisting powerful utopian forces in America to undermine our Constitutional republic (video follows with complete transcript, don’t miss spectacular book signing video at article’s conclusion):



NEWSBUSTERS: Mark Levin is a lawyer, author, and host of one of the nation’s most popular syndicated radio programs. His book “Liberty and Tyranny” was on the New York Times bestseller list for eight months, three at number one, and was Amazon’s second best seller in 2009. An expert in Constitutional law, Levin is a loyal supporter and dear friend of the Media Research Center. His new book “Ameritopia” takes readers through the various utopian concepts proffered by Plato, Thomas More, Thomas Hobbes, and Karl Marx demonstrating that despite their notorious failings, America has been moving in this direction for almost a century and is dangerously close to never coming back. We are very pleased to have Mark with us at NewsBusters to discuss his compelling new book. Welcome, Mark.

MARK LEVIN: Noel, a great pleasure. I appreciate all the work you do, my friend.

NEWSBUSTERS: Thank you, sir. You as well. My first question is a bit tongue-in-cheek. I think you’ll find it a tad humorous. Despite your last book “Liberty and Tyranny” spending many months on the New York Times best seller list, they never reviewed it. You think they’ll review this one?

LEVIN: Well, you know, if they do I’m sure it won’t be very favorable. Whether they review it or not is almost irrelevant because I barely read the New York Times anymore, let alone that particular section of the New York Times. So, my goal is to address my audience, reach beyond where we can to people who are somewhat open-minded or aren’t sure what they believe, and my guess is most of the people who read the New York Times are people who are in that utopian camp. Whether it’s reviewed or not is no matter to me.

NEWSBUSTERS: Why do you think they don’t typically review conservative authors?

LEVIN: Because they are exactly what we’ve said they are for years. They are mouthpieces for the Left, and for the most part when they do review conservative authors, they trash them, or they nitpick them and cherry-pick aspects of their books. So I don’t care if they review my book or not. It is totally irrelevant.

NEWSBUSTERS: I don’t imagine you’re expecting “Good Morning America,” the “Today” show or the “Early Show” to give you a call and let you speak about your book.

LEVIN: They’ve not contacted us and we’re not contacting them, and that’s pretty much the way it worked with “Liberty and Tyranny.” They never contacted us and we pretty much didn’t contact them. If they want to go out of their way to contact me and invite me on and have a little debate, that’s perfectly fine, but I don’t need them, and obviously they don’t need me.

NEWSBUSTERS: There you go. Well, in your introduction, you wrote, “Utopianism has long promoted the idea of a paradisiacal existence and advanced concepts of pseudo ‘ideal’ societies in which a heroic despot, a benevolent sovereign, or an enlightened oligarchy claims the ability and authority to provide all the needs and fulfill all the wants of the individual – in exchange for his abject servitude.” Does this describe Barack Obama and all of his followers including in the media?

LEVIN: Well, it absolutely does, and in his State of the Union speech it will be clear as with his past State of the Union speeches, with most of his past speeches. Obama holds himself up as a mastermind. He’s not one, but he holds himself up as one, and only because he has power and he has an ideology. And even though his ideology is generally understood and can be generally defined, it’s not well thought out by him.

So, like most masterminds, he has a general idea where he wants to drag this country, although he’s a little short on specifics from time to time, and his target is to reshape, to mold the individual, in fact to destroy the nature of the individual so that he can build in essence an army of followers – the masses as they like to call them – in pursuit of a fantasy. And the fantasy is this notion of a so-called paradise which requires individuals to surrender their liberty and surrender their private property rights, basically to surrender their free will in order to accommodate this abstraction that Obama and others have. And there’s no end to it, because once you’re unmoored from the Constitution, as we are in so many ways today, then we are moored to this abstraction that a mastermind has and is promoting.

In Obama’s case, he borrows a little bit from Plato’s “Republic,” a little bit from Thomas More’s “Utopia,” and Thomas Hobbes’ “Leviathan,” and Karl Marx and Engels’ “Communist Manifesto.” Now, he may not do it wittingly, and he may do it unwittingly, but in either event it is extremely destructive. You cannot have these notions of utopianism dressed up as a humane type of ideal society and constitutionalism. You cannot have 310 million individuals who are mostly free to pursue their own interests and live their own lives and at the same time have a centralized government with increasingly concentrated power which is telling people what to do in matters big and small.

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