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Ron Futrell


Posted by  Ron Futrell Feb 6th 2012 at 2:00 pm b
“The tea party has dispersed,” Gloria Borger proclaimed on CNN after the Romney victory in Nevada.

Huh? what does that mean?

She concludes, as many in the Activist Old Media have, that a Romney victory in Nevada is a defeat for the tea party.

My conclusion; the media is looking for any reason, any reason, to declare the tea party dead. Plus, a few recent polls show that Romney actually is getting tea party support.

The Super Bowl is a big game so that means the tea party is dead. There is snow in Denver, so the tea party is dead. As long as you say the tea party is dead, you have a spot on a panel with the Activist Old Media.

It just amazes the media that Mitt Romney can run away with a state like Nevada, with a prominent tea party contingent (albeit for the first time in the primaries; it’s too early to say it’s a trend), so they conclude the tea party must be dead.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me help my friends in the Activist Old Media, you will not like to hear this, but the tea party is still alive and well here in Nevada and across the country. Declaring it dead over and over and over again will not make it so.

The tea party is a much more diverse group than the Activist Old Media want to admit it is. They have their preconceived notions that tea partiers are not able to think for themselves to pick a candidate based on a variety of issues. Yes, an understanding and love for the US Constitution is paramount and fiscal responsibility is key, those are the two overriding themes of the tea party. Each of the four remaining Republican candidates have that, from there, we will all have our personal preferences based on other issues.

Roland Martin worked hard to discount the Nevada results, “What else were we expecting to happen tonight? If 25% of the people voting in this primary were Mormon, Duh, you’re going to win … so it shouldn’t be a shock that Mitt Romney is blowing them away in Nevada.”

Well, Roland, it may not be a shock, but why should it be discounted? Because you want it to be?

There are tea party people in Nevada who are Mormon and non-Mormon, who are Jewish and Catholic, who are Hispanic and left-handed, and who are rock stars, and who are gay and they vote Republican in this state. Romney got most of their votes.

Maine, Colorado and Arizona are next on the list of primaries—no matter who wins in these states, the tea party will somehow be declared dead. Book it.

Keep declaring the tea party dead. We’ve heard that song before—you sang it before the 2010 election.