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Romney 2012Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

(CNSNews.com) – Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, said on Tuesday that the base of his party is easily excited by “outrageous” rhetoric.

“It’s very easy to excite the base with incendiary comments,” Romney  told reporters.

“We’ve seen throughout the campaign that if you’re willing to say really outrageous things that are accusative and attacking of President Obama, that you’re going to jump up in the polls,” Romney said.

“You know, I’m not willing to light my hair on fire to try and get support. I am who I am,” said Romney. “I’m a person with extensive experience in the private sector, in the economy. I understand job creation from a personal standpoint I understand that and from a theoretical standpoint. I want to use the skills to help the country. And if I get selected, great. And if I don’t, I can live with that too.”