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Written on March 5, 2012 at 9:22 am by

While college basketball teams and fans prepare to be swept away in the fanatical celebration that has come to be known as March Madness another competition is already underway and about to get a bit more intense.

Super Tuesday is set to kick off tomorrow in 10 states across the nation. The competition is, of course, a heated contest between the 4 GOP candidates: Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney, Former Senator Rick Santorum, Texas Congressman Ron Paul and Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Coming off of this weekend’s Washington caucus it appears that Romney has the momentum. However, he will be involved in several slug fests in the south for sure and potentially Ohio will be a tight race as well.

Ron Paul gained momentum in Washington as well, besting Santorum by 1%. The momentum of the Paul campaign has been solidly gaining over the past four years and continues to grow as his message resonates with voters.

Rick Santorum, according to the Romney campaign, “flunked” a test of organizational strength. Santorum didn’t file complete slates of delegates in Tennessee or Ohio and he failed to get on the ballot in Virginia and the District of Columbia. With all of this, at the present he looks to give Romney a run for his money in this race.

Former Speaker Gingrich is not on the ballot as well in Virginia, although he is hoping for a strong showing in his home state of Georgia. Gingrich has a lot of great rhetoric that conservatives like and a fighting spirit. But he has taken a back seat since his surprising win in South Carolina.

The gloves have come off and each of the candidates have been taking their best, or some might consider it their worst, jabs at their party contenders. One thing is for sure, there is not much difference in three of the candidates.

Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich all denounce Big Government with their rhetoric, but begin to look at their solutions and they are all solutions of Big Government. I formerly wrote on just one example of contraception and how Santorum in one breath said government programs are not the solution and then in the very next breath said he authored a bill that was a government program to fight against a bill he voted for.

Congressman Paul has been one who has constantly said that there are lines where the federal government should not cross over. He has been one that has said the Constitution gives certain authority to the federal government over some things and anything else should be left to the states.

Even his foreign policy has been attacked as isolationist and he has been said to be the guy in the room sitting in the corner with a tin foil hat on. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Paul has a clear objective in having a very strong national defense and open trade with other countries. This is far from isolationism and far from being a nation building president.

Each of the other candidates have openly spoken about more war in the Middle East, even when the evidence has been contrary to their stated ideas, including the fact that Iran is not even close to creating a nuclear weapon.

For the most part this writer asks, where are we going to get the money? The dollar is already devalued. QE3 is ready to be rolled out. The printing presses are warming up. Inflation is hitting us at nearly 9% and we’re worried about a “possible” nuclear threat from Iran? NDAA, a treasonous law has been signed depriving Americans of due process. The government is spying on your social networking profiles. The want to make it illegal for you not to consume natural raw milk and healthy foods. They want to tell you what you can think and could care less about your conscience in religious matters. They think they can continue to spend taxpayer money like it is an endless supply and give themselves raises while demanding you sacrifice more and more.

It is truly maddening for a husband and father of 9 to try and understand how politicians think. Often their thinking is so far outside anything that normal, hardworking Americans have to deal with in their daily lives. This is what voters must consider when voting tomorrow, in the future primaries and in all future elections. Does the candidate have your, not their, best interests at heart.

These are things to keep in mind in front of Super Tuesday. I have said it should be called the new March Madness as from where I am seated, it seems the people of America have pulled their teams jersey over their heads and will cheer for whoever the party says they should.

They are told to give up principle in favor of party. Since when do Americans give up principles? I suppose it has been going on for a long time and people just have never thought about it.

The mantra is echoed from 3 years ago, “anyone but Obama”. Well my friends, I certainly don’t want Obama to see another four years in office, but neither do I want to see those who would be sympathetic and approved of by his handlers, no matter if they wear the Republican jersey or not. I don’t want to see a man become president with basically the same big government, globalist mentality just so we can say, “Yeah we got a Republican in the White House, Two points for our team!”

I truly want to see a man of principle and Constitutional conviction lead the nation. I’m not expecting perfection. There is only one who is Perfect and he’s not running for President of the United States, but He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. I just ask that those who vote, vote their conscience, not their jersey.

Just as March Madness ends at the close of March, so too the GOP primary race is down to it’s own Final Four. Who will emerge victorious? Will your vote be someone who continues down the same road as Obama, just a little slower, or will it be for a new direction? Will it be a direction back towards the principles of our founding documents and freedom? Will it be in a direction in which you don’t have to hold your nose when you pull the lever or press the touch pad? Will it be a vote with the generations that will come behind you in mind?

May God grant us a President, as well as, all leaders who are filled with His wisdom who will lead the people righteously.

Tim Brown