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April 7, 2012 [Posted: April 8, 2012]

Two years, three months, and seven days after his inauguration, Barack Obama finally offered evidence to prove his eligibility for the presidency.  On the White House website, officials posted an electronic document purported to be a scan of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate.  It was a grand “I told you so” moment for the media and the left, which had worked feverishly to marginalize “birthers” as the radical counterpart of the zany “truther.”

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Of course, there was never really any parity.  Truthers constructed silly conspiracy theories about George W. Bush being an international super-criminal that orchestrated impossibly complex measures to frame al-Qaeda on 9/11.  Birthers, on the other hand, merely demanded that the president, who is required by the Constitution to be a natural born American citizen, show proof of his eligibility.  And in reality, that is an entirely reasonable expectation, albeit unprecedented.

Nonetheless, birthers were marginalized as fringe elements, and since the release of the electronic scan of the birth certificate, the concerns of birthers have become even more ignored in the public discourse.  As an example of the how the media now views the birther movement, consider that the Huffington Post describes it as a “controversy that has been widely debunked but which remains alive in the eyes of some conservatives.”


New evidence, however, has reignited conservative interest in Obama’s birth certificate.  Conservative icon Sherriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona, at the behest of a petition presented by the Surprise, Arizona Tea Party organization, organized a “cold case posse” and completed a six-month examination of the released birth certificate in order to determine its authenticity.  The results are in, Joe says, and they point to the document being a fake.

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