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Written on April 7, 2012 by Chris Gadsden

Ok, a funny thing happened when my last article ran. Think Obama is attacking the Church? Watch what the other hand is doing covered my realization that obama’s attack on religion by way of his obamacare contraception mandate was really a super-sneaky way to force religious entities to stop offering health care entirely, thus forcing millions of new individuals into his socialized medicine scheme. It would be a win/win for him as he attacks religion and puts millions more individuals into a new nannystate program.

Anyway, as I always try to do, I posted a link on my Facebook page about the new article, stating my friends should check it out. I simply wrote My latest article centering on an unreported aspect of obama’s attack on our religion and then provided a link to the article at Patriot Update. My intention was to simply touch upon Obama’s recent attack on all men and women of sincere religious faith in the U.S. Pretty simple, huh? I guess not, as a “friend” decided to attack me after apparently just reading my description line and the title of the article. The ensuing tit-for-tat “debate” was rather amusing but, upon reflection, it provided a sad and sobering realization for me.

To begin, I am not one of the FB trolls that “Friends” everyone they possibly can in an effort to enhance my sense of self-worth. I have a number below 300 and all of them, I thought, were individuals with whom I had personal ties and could name on-sight. It seems my goalie let one slip past however as the friend in question is someone I do not think I have ever seen or spoken to. He attended the same college as me, though started the year after I graduated. He was even in my fraternity, so I am guessing that is why I must have accepted his friend request a year or two ago. (He has 1,000+ “friends” so I guess that is why he did not have time to read more than my descriptive line and the article title.) The guy thought me Catholic for some reason (Presbyterian, if it matters) and, as I am assuming he is in lock-step with Obama’s hatred of our country’s religious foundations, decided to wade into a gunfight with a butter knife. Here is a transcript of our exchange with the identity of my socialist former “friend” removed for obvious reasons [my new remarks for this article are in these brackets]:

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HIM:   Yet the Catholic church covers Viagra?? I understand they don’t want to spend money on birth control with all their money tied up in lawsuits from priests raping young boys and relocation expenses, but as long as we are talking about spending tax payer money on things we really want, when do I get my refund for the $4trillion Bush and Cheney spent on finding weapons of mass destruction, and oil subsidies? [It has been verified 1000x over that many, including Hillary Clinton, believed in those WMDs, by the way. Regardless, an evil man is now in hell and not torturing his people. Not a bad day’s work.]

Chris Gadsden:   Wow, elect a racist, socialist that hates all that is good about America and her history who increases the national debt alone more than all other presidents combined and still there are lemmings ignoring it all and blaming Bush? Three years later? Wow.

HIM:   To call Obama a racist is laughable [Though he attended “Reverend” Wright’s church for 20+ years; says his grandmother is a “typical white person” that is wary of blacks; undermines the Jewish community at every opportunity; invokes race in every possible way that can divide the nation; etc.], and if he is a socialist then Reagan was a communist since he was more liberal than Obama [So stunning it is funny but that ticked me off. You don’t mess with Reagan.]. Do you even know what the definition of a socialist is?? Let’s see when Bush left office the dow was at 8000 now it is hovering around 13000. [Anyone with honesty knows that the economy tanked due mainly to banks being forced by Carter/Reno/Clinton/Dodd/Frank to give loans to people that could never repay the funds. Bush tried to push for reforms of Fannie & Freddie but the Dems shut it down. As for the stock market, most individuals have left the stock market. 75% of the trades now are computerized trading and are in no way an example of American economic health.] We lost 700,000 jobs the month Obama was elected, we lost another 700,000 jobs the month he took the oath of office, and we lost another 700,000 jobs the month he was first in officially in office all thanks to Bush and Cheney turning Wall Street into a gambling casino and Republicans wanted to cry about the unemployment rate going from 8% under Bush to 9% under Obama, now it is back down to 8.3%?? [This is again intellectually dishonest as the real unemployment/under-employment rate is has grown to over 20% with obama’s numbers being lowered by gimicks like not counting people giving up the search for work or taking subpar and part-time positions instead.] Bin Laden is dead, Quadaffi is dead [thank you to our military who succeed in spite of obama], and [the corrupt union of] GM is alive, if this had happened under Bush’s watch h*ll they would be dynamiting rock on Mt. Rushmore to put his face next to Teddy Roosevelts! There are now 2.5 million poverty stricken children with healthcare thanks to Obama [who had access to healthcare anyway]. Bush gave a 700 billion dollar buyout to the banks with no strings attached and now even the banks don’t know where that money went. Obama gave a $700 billion buyout with strings attached so at least we know where the money is. [The money that went to scam companies like Solyndra and the other “green” companies that gobbled up my tax money and closed? Keeping up with those numbers, are we? As for TARP, I was not for that or any other bailout. Let companies sink or swim but get out of their way and stop telling them how to run their business. Banks would not have failed without the government forcing them to make bad loans. Heck, viewed in that light, they deserved bailing out.] Saving GM [unions] saved a million plus [union pensions] jobs and now GM is a viable company [In what universe? The unions have destroyed the U.S. car industry and obama bailed them out. How’s that Volt working out?] paying the taxpayers back [nope, that was a scam]. Bush and Cheney racked up $4trillion in Iraq and that dosen’t (sic) even count the money black water spent [while I am not a huge Bush-supporter, we at least were not attacked again under his watch and we had someone that respected the military]. The top 30 companies in the US pay more to lobbyists than they do in taxes. [All the more reason to lower business tax rates so the time they spend avoiding taxes is less than the time it takes to avoid them, simplify the tax code for everyone, eliminate the loopholes and actually bring in far more money to the government.] Both sides are bought and paid for by lobbyists, corporations, and special interests. [Sadly, I think this is, with some exceptions on the Conservative GOP side, true for the most part though obama and his regime are owned by those that want to destroy the country.] I hate to tell you we have been living under corporate socialism since the late 80s [spoken like a true 99%er]. Obama is just the lesser of two evils. [The only way obama would ever be considered the lesser of two evils is if the contest put him up against Hitler, Charles Manson, the cast of Jersey Shore or, perhaps, Woodrow Wilson.] Pull your head out of Rush Limbaughs a** and the bulls**t propaganda. Even with all the hatred, lies, and fear mongering, the funny thing is Obama is still gona (sic) whoop a** in the general election and then in 2016 its Hillary’s turn! [Sadly, he did not edit the curse words so I had to for this article.] A do nothing Congress is the problem and the wasteland Bush left, not Obama my friend. [Most of this is just the normal liberal party line stuff that speaks/stinks for itself so I felt it boring to even address it. Either you dig for the real news and truth or you get your news from The Daily Show and act elitist.]

CHRIS GADSDEN:   Leave it to an ill-informed self-professed “anti-capitalist socialist” [as he describes himself on his Facebook info page] used car salesman to spout half truths and imagined facts to call Reagan a communist and defend Obama. Typical. You cannot even have discourse without lies and profanity. You and your comrades would be funny if you were not so dangerous to the future of the country. If you want socialism, go to a country that has thrived under such a system. OH! That’s right, there hasn’t been any.

HIM:   Oh your (sic) from Hartsville [after my post I assume he checked out my info page too], my bad, enough said.

CHRIS GADSDEN:   Did you mean “you are”, comrade? Must be embarrassing to have less of a grasp of the English language than a Hartsville boy. Guess you Occupy idiots have Russian as a first language. Now you are dismissed.

HIM:   Grasp reality.

HIM:   Sorry for the spelling mistakes didn’t realize I was being graded. Just swift typing while at work. I will concetrate (sic) more now that I know I am dealing with a fact ignoring pompous a**.

CHRIS GADSDEN:   Whatever, Adolf. So sad that you have no grasp of history and what makes America exceptional. Just go back to selling “the people’s car.” [He sells Audi and Volkswagons according to his info page. FYI: Did you know that Hitler was the driving force behind Volkswagon which, in German, means the people’s car. That is news you can use.] 

Long ago, I learned that it takes far more energy to hate than to let things go but it is sometimes a struggle (especially when someone blasphemes against Reagan).In this case, I feel sorry for my antagonist (and even more so for his poor children growing up in what, by all indications, is a profane and un-American household). Here is a seemingly typical guy with a background similar to mine yet he feels it is acceptable to trumpet himself as an “anti-capitalist socialist.” Since when is being a socialist acceptable in America? What person would hire someone that proudly professes to hate America’s founding principles? At least in the old days, people hid the affliction like it was the clap or something. The guy was a history major and yet fails to understand our foundation, based upon freedom in religion and business, has resulted in the most staggeringly successful nation to have ever existed?

The scary part is that these people are reproducing, ladies and gentlemen. The children of hippies like William Ayers and Meathead on “All in the Family” are now procreating themselves. Liberal lies, bolstered by a media that is nothing more than a liberal mouthpiece, are drowning out sanity. A majority of us are still believers in God, our Founding Fathers and the divinely inspired documents they created yet we allow this vile minority to attack us. They fight to remove God from every schoolroom, sporting event, town square and holiday event, all the while denigrating our Founders and the Constitution. Where is our Senator Joe McCarthy when we need him? Once the VENONA intercepts were declassified in the 1990s, it was proven that enemies Senator McCarthy targeted actually were infiltrating our Nation. The communist roaches he uncovered were working against us back then but, in the present day, our enemies are becoming emboldened as there are few who see the danger and are willing to stand against it. Who is going to stamp out these vile creatures now that they are running the show? Senator McCarthy would have had obama on the stand before he ever got anywhere near our government but, with political correctness and a slick ad campaign, here we are. There has never been an example in the history of mankind where these methods of governance have worked yet supposedly learned individuals are still embracing them. They mock our religion yet they blindly embrace the failed principles of evil men. If we were to review history, would we have more success stories about men and women with religious principles (teach a man to fish so he can provide for himself and not on handouts) or collectivist/communist/socialist/liberal/progressive ideals? I will take the side with God and billions of success stories against obama, Marx, Ayers, Hitler, Pelosi, and my former “friend” on Facebook any day.

As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.