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Posted:  May 16, 2012 – Jim Sharpe, 550 KFYI

At A Loss For Words…

Initially we tried to come up with a description of some kind for this image, but it emerged pretty quickly that we had nothing.  So we give you the revised version of the most recent Time magazine cover.  Wow . . .

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

JunkMan’s Ham Sandwich Segment For 5-15-12

We loves us some polls here on the Ham Sandwich segment of the Sharpe In The Morning Program – even the Quinnipiac poll, which challenges the pronunciation skills of even the best broadcasters.  The latest Q-pollis the first to come out since Mitt Romney emerged as the obvious GOP candidate.  No more horsing around with speculation over which GOP candidate would be the one.  Now that it’s a two-horse race, a lot of clarity emerges.The key figures in this poll spell out some pretty serious problems for President Obama.  Specifically, Romney leads in Florida and Ohio, and despite the fact that Obama’s still ahead in Pennsylvania, he stands at 47%.  The conventional wisdom is that unless a candidate tops 50%, they’re highly vulnerable, because there are still undecided voters.  And Obama languishes below 50% in numerous places.  Losing both Ohio and Florida would be a big problem for Obama, but losing Pennsylvania would be absolute defeat.  And these poll numbers are based on skewed demographic proportions, which means that the real numbers are likely even worse for Obama.We had a feeling that once we arrived at a single GOP candidate, Republicans would slowly, but surely rally around him, and the numbers would start to favor the GOP more.  And so here we are.  And the Q-poll is just the beginning of the end.  With numbers like these, the president is at grave risk of being beaten by a Ham Sandwich.Getting More Focused Now . . .The JunkMan

But Wait… There’s More!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You saw the ridiculously over-the-top Newsweek magazine cover a couple of days ago heralding St. Barack as the patron of gay marriage.  Evidently, Newsweek pondered a couple of other possibilities, ranging from the subtle to the not so subtle . . .

Here’s Subtle . . .

Here’s Not-So-Subtle . . .

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

JunkMan’s Ham Sandwich Segment For 5-16-12

Jim – yesterday you reported that Americans have become more optimistic about the economy, and I’m not going to say you were wrong or full of beans, but I will say that the pollsters who determine these things may or may not get it right – sometimes intentionally so.  I have the results of the latest AP-GfK poll on such things, and they say that Americans are decidedly not optimistic about the economy and other related things.

According to this poll, even Democrats are pessimistic – the percentage of them who believe that the economy is good is down from 48 to 31 percent since February.  The number of Americans overall who disapprove of President Obama’s handling of gas prices has risen from 58 to 65 percent since February, and 44 percent say they strongly disapprove.  The percentage who approve of his gas price handling has dropped from 39 to 30 percent since February as well.  According to the same poll, 52 percent of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of the economy, while 46 percent approve.  The 52 percent disapproval rate isn’t the problem for the president – it’s the 46 percent approval rate.  The conventional wisdom has forever been that 50 percent is known as the “re-elect threshold” – if you’re not at or above 50 percent, you don’t get re-elected.

One last note – the poll numbers on the president’s handling of gas prices came after gas prices started to come down – so the White House doesn’t have any cause for optimism on the topic.  And clearly Americans don’t have much in the way of a cause for optimism on things like gas prices and the economy.  When Americans are pessimistic on the economy, they toss incumbents, and the incumbent who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will be counting himself among those who will be tossed.  Pessimism renders the president susceptible to being beaten by a Ham Sandwich.

I Am Feeling Optimistic!

The JunkMan

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