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June 13, 2012 – FoxNation

Ronald C. Machen

Attorney General Eric Holder has appointed two U.S. attorneys to lead investigations into the possible leaking of state secrets. One of those attorneys, Ronald C. Machen, owes his current job to the fact that Obama appointed him to it. He has also donated $4,350 to Obama’s campaigns over the years.

 Washington Post reports that Machen is an Obama appointee:
President Obama is expected Wednesday afternoon to nominate Ronald C. Machen, a former federal prosecutor, to be the next U.S. attorney in the District, according to two government sources with knowledge of the selection process.
Also, Washington Post reports that Machen is an Obama donor:
Machen, who lives in Silver Spring, is expected to move to the District while he holds down the job.
Over the years, he has donated $4,350 to Obama’s campaigns. He gave $250 to Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2003, a year before Obama, then an Illinois state senator, emerged on the nation’s political radar, according to campaign finance records.