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July 31, 2012 By

Democrat SC As Dems are fond of saying, “A fish rots from the head down”Perhaps nothing I’ve written about since starting with CIR quite has moved me, upset me, or disturbed me as much as the pitiful plight of 89 year old Warren Bodeker, the World War II veteran thrown out of his home. As I write this follow-up story, his legal defense fund has reached $20,500 (as of June 26), a fund being offered by Oath Keepers who stress every dime collected goes straight to him.

When I called Democrat Senator Max Baucus’ office, his spokeswoman told me that while they’ve gotten many calls about this case, she wasn’t sure they could do anything, because “It’s not in our jurisdiction.”  Democrat Senator Jon Tester’s office wanted to read my post but never answered me after I sent it.  I called the Ninth Circuit Clerk in Missoula, Montana trying to find out if Honorable Judge Ralph Kirscher will be attending the opulent Ninth Circuit convention in Maui in August. The tone in his voice was similar to those how dare you ask responses a reporter gets used to hearing.

But perhaps our own readers who challenged me to rethink why I led with the Obama administration link gave me the most pause for thought.  And I still will go with what my 1950s journalism school professors told us, namely, the tone of an institution is set at the top. And at this point, I no longer write about Mr. Bodeker’s plight as a disinterested reporter, but rather as a mother, a grandmother soon to be 77 year old, as a niece of two of Mother’s brothers who fought in the European theatre, and as a cousin of a military father whose son just returned from two tours in Iraq.  My cousin told me his son refused to accept the medals offered to him for bringing his men back safely from a roadside bomb attack because he told his dad, “My men were hurt worse than I was.”

And here is what is very, very wrong in America.  What moral temperament does a man have that lets his people wonder about his even being eligible to serve as America’s President?  What kind of personal guiding principles does such a man have who would spend millions of dollars covering up his own nativity story, yet tell an audience he wouldn’t want his own daughters to have to live with the “mistake” of an unwanted pregnancy?  What moral compunction guides such a man, a man who daily violates his sworn oath to protect US citizens against swarms of illegal aliens who threaten every citizen of Arizona? The plight of men like Warren Bodeker and the deaths of rancher Richard Krantz, Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry, and who knows how many Mexicans can be laid at the feet of Barack Obama, a man with no moral core.

I agree with Mr. Bodeker, who fears for the survival of America as his pitiful video loop ends.

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Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)