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August 4, 2012

Posted by Judson Phillips on August 4, 2012 at 8:17am in Tea Party Nation Forum

Barack Obama is many things.  He is an arrogant elitist.  He is an anti-American Marxist and holds many people who would probably be described as red-blooded Americans in contempt.

There is one group of Americans Obama has shown nothing but absolute contempt for.

Who are they and why is it so important?

The people that Obama holds in contempt are the patriotic Americans who make up our military.

From day one, Obama has done nothing but show his contempt and even hatred for the American military.   Not only has he cut the budget for the military, but he is making them waste what money they have on useless and fraudulent programs like the biofuels program.

Obama’s contempt for the American military shows no limits.  His campaign and the Democrat Party are now suing to block early voting for military personnel in the crucial swing state of Ohio.

Obama suspended hazard pay for the military going into combat zones and he has proposed cutting healthcare benefits for active duty and retired military personnel while keeping benefits for union workers intact.

Yet there is one thing Obama has done that shows the most contempt he has for Americas military.

In 2007, in Karbala Iraq, Islamist terrorists led by Ali Mussa Daqduq dressed up as American soldiers, attacked an American checkpoint, killed one soldier, kidnapped four others before torturing and killing them.

He was detained in 2007 and held in Iraq.  In 2010, as Obama was trying to get out of Iraq as fast as he could, the issue of Daqduq came up.  Obama refused to transfer the killer of five American soldiers to Gitmo.  He did not want to defy Iraq’s so-called sovereignty.

So instead of prosecuting Daqduq, Obama lamely turned him over to Iraqi officials.  Congressmen at the time warned this was the same as letting him go.

Now, Iraqi officials are going to do just that.  They are going to release the terrorist who tortured and murdered four American soldiers.

To ad insult to injury, not only is Iraq going to free Daqduq, they are going to make it impossible for us to extradite him.

Of course, the Obama Regime is not serious about extraditing Daqduq.

Daqduq is a top Hezbollah commander.  He is a threat to America and Americans around the world.  Daqduq is a hero among Islamists.  And now he will be a free hero.

Earlier this year when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin in what may well be a case of self-defense, Barack Obama jumped into the media bandwagon demanding action.

In this case, Islamist terrorists killed Captain Brian Freeman, 1st Lieutenant Jacob Fritz, Specialist Jonathan Chism, PFC Shawn Falter and PFC Johnathon Milican.  Four of the five were tortured before being executed.

If you are a member of a group that Obama needs politically, he will do anything to help.  If you are a member of a group, like the military, who will not support Obama, then you are nothing to him.

This is nothing short of a travesty.  In fact, travesty does not even begin to describe this.

The five American soldiers knew the risk when they put on the uniform.  They also accepted an agreement with the American government that we never leave our soldiers behind.  We may not have left them behind physically but given the Obama Regime’s willingness to ignore the killer of American soldiers, we might as well have.

These five soldiers deserve justice.

They will never have it while Obama is in the White House.

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