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By Brent Bozell | August 16, 2012 | 12:45

The liberal media have repeatedly and deliberately turned a blind eye to the violent, hateful culture of liberalism, particularly their vicious attacks against those who advocate traditional Christian values and conservative principles. We saw it during their deceptive, romanticized coverage of Occupy Wall Street. We saw it again during their sneering, anti-Christian coverage of the Chick-fil-A controversy. And now we’re seeing it through NBC’s and CBS’s dismissive coverage of this senseless shooting at the FRC, which the FBI has classified as an act of domestic terrorism.

Imagine if, God forbid, this exact same thing had happened at a Planned Parenthood or the Southern Law Poverty Center, which labeled both Chick-fil-A and FRC hate groups. We’d be hearing an endless loop of stories about the danger of militant, hate-filled right wing wackos.

The liberal media have taken every opportunity imaginable to demonize conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Christians as violent and murderous. Whether it be the Gabriel Giffords shooting, the Aurora massacre, the suicide of a Kentucky census worker, or the IRS plane bomber, they’ve been wrong every single time. But they go right on lying about conservatives anyway.

In their effort to create a conservative bogeyman, they’ve created real liberal monsters. Their double standard is as dishonest and it is dangerous. Liberals claim they want to create a culture of tolerance. Instead the liberal media have created a culture that not only tolerates, but validates anti-Christian and anti-conservative violence.

Thank God for the bravery of the FRC security guard who had the courage to disarm this militant, hate-filled left wing wacko before this shooting turned into a massacre.

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Brent Bozell is founder and president of the Media Research Center and publisher of NewsBusters. Click hereto follow Brent Bozell on Twitter.

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