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Image source: CBS News’ Jan Crawford, via Twitter @JanCBS

One day after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney quipped that “no one’s ever ever asked to see” his birth certificate, a plane towed a banner over his Ohio rally declaring “America is better” than “birtherism.”

The problem? The banner contained an elementary grammatical error: It used “then” instead of “than.”

The Obama campaign rolled out similar “birther” accusations Friday, including producing a 16-second web video saying the country doesn’t need a “birther-in-chief.”

While there’s nothing to suggest the Obama campaign had anything to do with the banner, it‘s not the first typo to befall the president’s re-election effort this week:

A photo of him posing with several students to spell out “O-H-I-O” swapped the “H” and the “I” for “O-I-H-O.”

CBS News’ Jan Crawford tweeted about the banner early Saturday morning:

Well, that didn’t take long: Plane flying banner over Romney/Ryan rally in Ohio: “AMERICA IS BETTER THEN BIRTHERISM.”

Yep, it seriously says “America Deserves Better THEN Birtherism.” @emokidsloveme: @jaketapper It seriously says “then” instead of “than?”

For everyone who asked “than,” here’s your banner photo. pic.twitter.com/JQKhqjr4