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by Breitbart News 26 Dec 2012, 8:55 AM PDT

A channel 8 news reporter is claiming that NBC was denied permission by the MPD to use a high capacity magazine as a prop on a Sunday news show that was grandstanding on the gun control issue. Gregory and NBC went on the air with the high capacity mag anyway, disregarding the law and disregarding the orders from the police. 

Reporter Whitney Elenor Wild (@whitneyWreports) tweeted:

Update on incident involving @davidgregory: NBC asked MPD if they could use a high capacity magazine in the segment, they were told no.

Yesterday Breitbart News’ W.T. Huston broke the story that the Washington D.C. police were investigating Gregory for possessing a 30 round clip which he waved around on the air during his show. NBC films their show in Washington D.C., where it is illegal to possess such an item. The law states:

(b) No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm. For the purposes of this subsection, the term large capacity ammunition feeding device means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The term large capacity ammunition feeding device shall not include an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.

Update: The Legal Insurrection blog was the first to confirm the story that Gregory and NBC had been denied persmission.