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001Upon hearing about the latest “gate,” I thought “will this be the damning evidence that shows our Government is broken beyond repair?” The inevitable has been reached and the tin-foil hat and black helicopter crew have much more credibility. With this in mind what are my options in what the Democrats used to phrase as “keeping the “government” out of my bedroom?”

1.  Accept it.
2. Change it.

If I accept it, I have to expect that my Government in every form, from Health Care to personal phone calls, and yes, credit card purchases and automobile mileage, speed, and destination are being recorded and my entire identity is being placed in a file with a grade upon this file. Am I “URGENT,” or “To be Audited at Later Date?”

If I want to change it, am I prepared to “go dark?” I mean can I cancel my internet, cell phone, land line, all gaming systems, and bank credit/debit card? Can I deal in cash or money orders under $3000 only?

How can I go dark and not be a “low information voter?” Or how can I plug into what’s going on without my favorite blogs? If you’re sitting in your “Man Cave” thinking that you have a case of beans and weenies and that old 22 your grandpa gave you is enough, think again.

If not one person in the 50 or so communication sources such as Google, YouTube, Face book, or Verizon didn’t stop this blatant invasion of privacy then they should suffer the consequences of their actions. Would the Cloward–Piven strategy work for the “Atlas Shrugged” crowd? I think I have the answer. Are you prepared to go against an over-bearing government performing acts against her people that would make King George III look like a “light bringer” and could lower the seas?

Part two: Local newspapers and Thumb drives.

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