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Daniel Doherty | Sep 25, 2013

Daniel DohertyAfter Ted Cruz concluded his hours-long remarks, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the Senate floor and declared his efforts “a big waste of time.”

“It’s a shame we’ve been standing here [for] perhaps two days,” he said, “most of yesterday and part of today,” when the nation faces a government shutdown.

“That’s what we do around here now,” he continued. “We waste time.”

Harry-Reid-BAD-LAWHe also referred to the Tea Party generally as “the new anarchy,” and Tea Party Senators in particular as “anarchists.”

Upon concluding his remarks, he ceded the floor to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

CWN Editor:

Harry Reid is nothing less that a quiet speaking BULLY that just doesn’t get it.  I’m surprised that this man is still at the helm of the Senate.  Well, not that surprised.

Remember the 2010 mid-term, when he was up for re-election?  Dingy Harry Reid had a popularity rating of less than 20%.  It was the unions that came in with “bussed voters” that saved his hide.  Yes, that was very unethical, but that’s what Washington, D. C. is all about now!

What a frickin’ shame!!!