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By Kyle Drennen | December 3, 2013

Kyle Drennen's pictureIn a segment on Sunday’s NBC Meet the Press that host David Gregory laughably billed as an ObamaCare “reality check,” he invited two of the law’s biggest supporters to deliver White House spin, former administration health policy advisor and brother of the President’s former chief of staff Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel and liberal Washington Post blog editor Ezra Klein. [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

NBC-MTP-EmanuelKlein-380Referring to the supposed fix to HealthCare.gov, Gregory teed up Emanuel: “Is it good enough progress?” Emanuel predictably replied: “I think it’s good enough progress. Clearly, just like Google and Facebook and all the internet sites are constantly tweaking their sites, constantly improving them, this one still has a ways to go. But it is certainly working reasonably well….So I think actually we are going in the right direction.”

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In a November appearance of FNC’s The Kelly File, Emanuel bizarrely attempted to blame the ObamaCare mess on Fox News “constantly criticizing” the law.

In response to Gregory wondering if young people would sign up for ObamaCare, Klein touted the Orwellian effort by the White House to manipulate the populace:

A couple months ago, before the Obama administration believed that the fall would be all about Obamacare not working, they believed it would be all about a massive outreach effort that they were going to launch using mayors, using governors, using nonprofit groups, and focusing on sort of the TV shows young people watch on social networks, trying to get their mothers involved, to get folks to sign up by getting trusted validators to talk to them about it. That – the website is now working well enough that they are able to launch that campaign, and so they will.

Emanuel went on to make rosy predictions about the impact of the law: “…over the next few years, and then to the end of the decade, this is gonna have a dramatic improvement. It’s gonna lower costs. You’re gonna haNBC-MTP-Kleinve competition in the exchanges, that is already keeping insurance costs down, and gonna keep them down further. You’re having improvements in the health care system.”

Near the end of the segment, Klein scolded the American people for objecting to the massive disruptions ObamaCare has caused:

One thing that I think it’s frustrating in this debate is that we have gotten to a place in politics where we refuse to accept the fact of any kind of disruption in the reform….The individual market is a place where the reason prices are what they are is we discriminate against the sick and the old and women and people who can’t read the fine print of insurance. We are fixing that. And it’s going to be important that we fix it. It doesn’t mean no one will have a tough time in the changeover. And we need to help those folks. But we also need to recognize, if we’re gonna make big things better, there’s gonna be a process of difficulty as we do that. Otherwise, we’re just embracing the status quo for ever and ever and ever.

NBC-MTP-Emanuel_0After Gregory began by claiming the exchange would be a “reality check” about ObamaCare, he ended the segment by remarking on how well Emanuel and Klein read from the White House script: “…this is, I think, really where the administration wants to argue the plus-side that you’ve already seen on the Affordable Care Act, and argue the real peril of the status quo.”

In the segment immediately preceding the exchange, Gregory cut off Republican Congressman Mike Rogers as he tried to inform viewers about further damage ObamaCare would inflict.