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benghazi ghosts
On Sept 12th, 2011, one day after the Benghazi attack that killed 4 Americans including our Ambassador, I wrote a post titled:

Libya Attack Caused By Homemade Movie On 9/11? Give Me A Break

Check it out but as you can tell from the title I didn’t buy the video excuse. I’m not trying to toot my own horn because almost no one bought that excuse. It was so incredibly unbelievable it boggled the mind how Obama and pals thought they could get away with it.

Now, as DrJohn wrote about yesterday, we learn that Obama was told within an hour of the attack that it was a terrorist attack upon on our consulate.

Austin Bay:

Yet Obama Administration officials continued to peddle the “video did it” canard for almost two weeks after the assault. Why peddle a blatant falsehood? Because “the video did it” narrative advanced a propaganda campaign supporting central Obama re-election political themes. Obama claimed his presidency would dramatically change Arab Muslim perceptions of America. Though he never equated killing Osama bin Laden with defeating al-Qaida, he implied al-Qaida was fading fast. The Benghazi disaster countered these touts. Obama had to leave the American public with the definite impression that the Benghazi assault was spontaneous. Why, that nasty video incited inexplicable anger!

The president calculated carefully. As his spokespeople blamed the video, Obama hedged and fudged by referring to Benghazi as “an act of terror.” His goal was — and still is — rhetorical wiggle room to blunt charges of deceit. However, at least three times during the campaign, Obama refused to call Benghazi an attack by terrorists.

The transcripts leave President Obama and his minions with a lot more deceit to blunt.

It was all about the campaign.

And now we find out what Obama was doing during the week leading up to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. A anniversary that should of had our country at a high level of alertness for a pending attack.

What was our campaigner-in-chief doing?

Campaigning….and while campaigning missing five consecutive Presidential Daily Briefings leading up the attack:


Benghazi Timeline
This is just inexcusable.