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By:  Brendan Bordelon – 4/04/2014


Scarborough-on-Reid-KochBrosJoe Scarborough slammed Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s relentless attacks on the Koch brothers Friday, calling the move “the stupidest strategy I’ve ever heard” that proves Reid and fellow Democrats are “too stupid to be in politics.”

The conservative MSNBC host made the claim during a “Morning Joe” panel on the Nevada senator’s near-daily screeds against the billionaire Koch brothers, who are financing ads against Democrats campaigning in swing states for the November election.

The panelists all tried to describe Reid’s electoral strategy. NBC’s Chuck Todd explained that the Democrats want to tie Republican adversaries to local Koch-owned companies to “try to make that senator, or that Senate candidate, own that issue and look like they’re being bought, or quid pro quo … make their money — or at least make associating with them — a tiny bit problematic.”

“We’ll see if it works. I think it’s a tough argument to make,” Todd added. “I don’t think voters make those connections very well. But I’m just telling you what the strategy is.”

“Yeah, yeah, I understand the strategy,” Scarborough jumped in. “I just — it’s the stupidest strategy I ever heard. I’m reminded of what George W. Bush said to [former CIA official] George Tenet when he came in and gave him his WMD intel. ‘Is that all you got? Is that the best you got?’”

“If somebody thinks a voter in Raleigh, North Carolina that’s out of work gives a damn about who’s financing 30-second ads, they are too stupid to be in politics,” he continued. “In fact, I would say they are too stupid to be even trusted with common household appliances — say a blender — because they might accidentally stick their face in there and get it chopped off. I mean, you have to be really stupid to think that this is going to work.”

Scarborough also felt that Reid’s highly-charged, personal attacks made against private citizens on the Senate floor demeans the office of the Senate majority leader.

“It’s stunning to me that a Senate majority leader, holding George Mitchell’s spot or Bob Dole’s spot, would be doing this instead of some angry, crafting senator from the South — ‘Hey, go out there and throw some red meat out there,’” he said. “That’s the way it used to be done. I just find it shocking that you have the Senate majority leader using these McCarthyite terms like ‘un-American,’ and no senator on the Democratic side is the least bit uneasy about it.”

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