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POSTED: July 09, 2014

By:  Gus DeSoto


Monday, my wife and I decided to go to a ‘Meet and Greet’ in downtown Prescott. We were very surprised to find a very well qualified and humble candidate in Christine Jones.  Ms. Jones has roots in Arizona having helped establish GoDaddy as one of the largest internet service providers for business in the world.  We found that she has an extremely good understanding of technology, one of the keys to the success of her campaign, so far.

Christine Jones is just what Arizona needs now to help us continue some of the work Gov. Jan Brewer has begun.  While she is married to a military man, she has a solid understanding of business and law with regard to the issues facing Arizona. Jones is an accomplished CPA and Attorney, but moreover, she knows people of our state.  She connects with people.  She is well versed in the current problems we are facing, especially border security.

Christine Jones does not seem to be the “establishment” type as she has never held public office, but establishment candidates have really pounced on her with ads that are without reason, truth or cause.  We feel Christine is a solid candidate to serve the people of Arizona and are hereby endorsing her as a candidate.  She will help us tackle the problems we are facing during a very unstable period in our nation.

Here is some of the material from her website that may give you a clearer understanding of her platform, especially regarding the #1 issue of BORDER SECURITY:

Troops, Technology and Zero Tolerance Legislation:



Arizonans know their state. I have been asked questions about my position on many issues including economics and education – but the single issue that generates more passion and response than any other is ENFORCING IMMIGRATION LAWS. The truth is, border security impacts every other challenge facing Arizona today. The consequences of a porous border are so pervasive, so widespread, that it demands immediate attention and intelligent response. Election years in Arizona produce immigration rhetoric like none other, especially from the current and former office holders.

But I am a professional, not a professional politician, and I have a slightly different approach to getting things done. It seems to me that if the gentlemen who have already been in office have such great border enforcement ideas, why have they waited until now to share them? Why are we still in the mess we’re in? It’s true that, although there has been some focused attention paid to Homeland Security in recent years, the Federal Government has still neglected its duty to fully and finally secure our southern border. Thus, Arizona must face the problem head on; we must lead the way ourselves. It is critically important to our nation’s anti-terrorism, counter-drug, counter-crime and illegal immigration efforts. Here is The Jones Plan: my detailed strategy to secure our border.


  • • Between 1996 and 2010, the Federal Government estimates the illegal immigrant population in Arizona increased 213%.
  • • From 2001 to 2010, an average of 1,374 illegal immigrants were apprehended in the Arizona border sector EVERY DAY – and that number represents only the illegal immigrants we caught.
  • • On January 14, 2011, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced cancellation of the virtual fence along the southern border.
  • • The southwestern border of the U.S. is particularly challenging because of its length, rugged terrain and extreme desert conditions.
  • • More than 10% of children in AZ public schools (K-12) have parents in the U.S. illegally.
  • • According to the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) the cost for arresting, detaining, and deporting a single illegal immigrant is $12,500.00.
  • • The average illegal immigrant costs taxpayers approximately $592,000.00 more than they contribute to the U.S. economy.
  • • On May 30, 2014, the Arizona Republic reported: “Scores of undocumented immigrants from Central America have been released at Greyhound Lines Inc. bus stations in Tucson and Phoenix over the past several days after they were flown to Arizona from south Texas, officials acknowledged.” All were released by the ICE.


Today, it is estimated that 40% of all illegal immigration in the U.S. comes across the 262 border miles in the Tucson Sector. To put that in perspective, there are more than 102,000 miles of border around the Continental United States. It’s clear we have a significant problem on our hands that only continues to get worse. America is the most generous nation on earth, but we are also founded on the rule of law. While we must be compassionate toward those who have been made victims, we must also make it a priority to secure our southern border and set ourselves apart as a leader in the enforcement of immigration law. Our porous border costs taxpayers $2.8 billion each year. I estimate my plan to secure the border to be about $270 million – less than 10% of the total burden Arizona tax payers are now bearing – and $50 million of that figure is a one time cost. I’ll let you do the math, but my plan also results in the belated tax relief that a secure border ensures. You can choose: pragmatic, cost-effective solutions or continued establishment rhetoric and a border that leaks.

The Jones Plan for Border Security includes deploying an estimated twelve hundred Arizona National Guard soldiers to the border, and earmarks $60M in new direct funding to Arizona’s County Sheriffs, County Attorneys and the Arizona Attorney General to aggressively prosecute border related crimes. But real leadership isn’t just about funding, it’s about designing a plan for our state and local law enforcement that ensures their success. To get the real facts, I’ve consulted with numerous law enforcement and military experts from around the state. One of the finest concept papers on border security I have read thus far was written by John F. Regni, Lt. General, US Air Force (Retired). In his paper, A Homeland Security-Military-Law Enforcement Joint and Combined Operational Concept to Secure the U.S.-Mexico Border, General Regni brainstorms a plan to secure the border by employing and integrating the U.S. military’s proven intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and command & control systems; providing law enforcement units with real-time intelligence for rapid response, and utilizing new technologies and innovations.

It is possible to know who is coming in and out of Arizona! There are readily available technologies that are integral to a secure border. I spent nearly 11 years helping to grow a technology company – let’s put technology to work for us. I have been talking throughout Arizona about unmanned aerial surveillance, buried systems, and real time communication tools to assist our border agents. Let’s use drones to watch our borders, not spy on our people. All these technologies and more would be utilized in a Jones Administration. Because my plan runs deeper than stopping illegal entry into Arizona by non-citizens, it’s also about taking the fight to drug cartels and others who operate outside the laws of the U.S. – endangering our citizens and law enforcement agents with the insertion of illegal drugs and human trafficking. To support civilian law enforcement agents, the twelve hundred armed troops will be deployed as a deterrent in highly visible locations at the border at well-established smuggling routes along the border. In addition, civilian law enforcement will be directed to, what General Regni calls, “search, apprehend, detain, arrest and, if required, strike or interdict any armed incursions threatening the United States.” It’s time we take control.

Arizona must be widely known as the Zero Tolerance State. In the Wild West, outlaws avoided certain sheriffs and territories because they had reputations for a tough stance on crime and punishment. We want to have an immigration task force in Arizona that is so imposing that would-be illegal immigrants think twice about where they attempt to cross. Arizona must be so formidable that we are no longer a viable option.



Part of my experience as an attorney is in framing policy that leads to pragmatic and solid legislation. Working for the good of all the citizens it represents, the Arizona State Legislature can write and adopt in-state border security response policies, including a charge to finish the fence. The Yuma Sector of our border is widely understood to be secure, but the Tucson Sector has been plagued by illegal crossings. As a matter of fact, the Tucson Sector, only 262 border miles, has been the most unsecured of all the nine border patrol sectors from California to Texas. The Department of Home- land Security’s own statistics show that nearly half of all illegal border crossings into the U.S. occur along the Arizona border with Mexico (47%). I clearly understand the land control complications that prevent finishing the fence in its entirety. First, it is an international border, which is a composite of public land – both state and federal, tribal lands, and private property. The Tohono Odham Indian Nation owns 74 of the 262 border miles within the Tucson Sector. Yet, of those 262 Tucson Sector border miles, approximately 50 are considered crossings for main smuggling routes. We do not need to build the Great Wall of Mexico, we do need fencing along known high trafficked smuggling routes or where there are urban areas north or south of the border. Much of the border terrain is mountainous and rugged terrain, and fencing can be used in tandem with natural terrain. The most vulnerable, and most trafficked, areas are the established paths of least resistance in low-lying terrain areas and valleys. The US Border Patrol (USBP) uses the terrain to their advantage, funneling would be illegal immi- grants and drug smugglers to remote areas, giving the agents more time to track and apprehend. My plan supports the current USBP mission and tactics. Fencing is an obstacle designed to block or turn away those wishing to cross and it should be complimented with technology: cameras/infrared, lighting and sensors to alert USBP to a breech or incursion. Fencing doesn’t always turn illegal immigrants or cartels away, but it does create an obstacle that, in turn, creates delay. Law enforcement can then respond in real time, making enforcement of the law (consequences) the ultimate deterrent. In 2009, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) did an analysis of the cost per mile to finish the border fence that the Federal Government left incomplete. The price of vehicle fencing ran anywhere from $200,000 to $1.8 million a mile, for an average of $1 million a mile, which included costs associated with terrain, materials, land acquisition, and labor, among other things. The bottom line is, when elected, I will call on our finest men and women, military and civilian, to permanently seal our porous border – and I will give them the tools and the fence to make the task a possible one. Then, the 4,200 US Border Patrol agents of the Tucson Sector will finally have what they need to protect and serve Arizona.

Other policy ideas for the AZ State Legislature to consider:

  • • Proactively enforce the laws already on the books.
  • • Crackdown on those falsifying documents and those that create false documents
  • • Provide $50M annually in Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GIITEM) funds. Funnel them directly to Arizona County Sheriffs and Arizona County Attorneys.
  • • Provide $10M annually to the Arizona Attorney General for the hiring of additional staff to aggressively prosecute border related crimes.



Under The Jones Plan for Border Security, the state will initially fund the military deployment and tactical response training to ensure the immediate relief and safety of all Arizonans. But then I will demand reimbursement from the Federal Government. The day I am sworn in as Governor, I will sign, seal, and send the following letter:

Office of the Governor of Arizona

Christine Jones

Dear Mr. President,

If you are receiving this letter, I have just been sworn in as Governor of Arizona. Good news for Arizona, bad news for you. Be assured this is not a political ploy; this is action being taken in response to your inaction; action being taken to protect and defend the people of Arizona.

In case you have not been briefed, illegal immigration is costing the Arizona taxpayers $2.8 billion annually. It is too great a burden for these good people to bear. Those who show no respect for our laws are overrun- ning our state. Rather than allowing us to enforce the law, you chose to prosecute our state and emasculate our border patrols.

Even the former Arizona Governor, and your former Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, knows the economic burden illegal immigration has become to our state. Whereas her attempt to bill the government may have been a political ruse, I assure you, my correspondence will have follow through. I will not be deterred and trust that all Americans will stand with me. Our state, and our country, cannot bear this economic strain any longer.

You will hereby be receiving a monthly bill for the costs incurred by Arizonans as a result of your inaction. The extra costs for education, hospitalization, incarceration, and other financial burdens will be passed along to you until we are freely able to enforce the law. I will be creating an Economics of Immigration taskforce to assist in the tracking and recouping of these costs from the Federal Government.

I embrace and encourage law-abiding behavior. I gladly welcome those who would like to move to this great state legally. In the meantime, I’d encourage you to reach out to sanctuary cities, asking them to assist you in handling these costs. If they want to encourage illegal behavior, they should be happy to share in the burden that comes with it.

The choice is simple. Allow us to protect our state and its economic well-being or get a monthly bill for the financial burden unfairly placed on Arizonans. Our budget will operate on a net-30 payment policy, so I’ll look forward to hearing your response within 30 days.

Christine Jones Signature


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