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by Adan Salazar | August 4, 2014

In addition to infectious diseases, violence also spilling over open US-Mexico border..

border-agent-looks2 Two Mexican nationals are being charged with the murder of an off-duty Border Patrol agent, who was shot over the weekend while on a fishing trip with his family, reports claim.

Customs and Border Protection agent Javier Vega, Jr. died after attempting to defend his family from bandits Sunday night near the South Texas town of Lyford. Vega’s father was also injured in the shooting, but is recovering at a local hospital.

border-agent1Javier Vega, Jr. and his father / Credit: ValleyCentral.com

“It was an attempted robbery,” said Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence.

Two men – described by authorities in earlier reports only as “Hispanic” – driving an SUV approached the Vegas around 8PM. The men began to hold the family up, but were reportedly startled when they saw Vega had a gun holstered on his hip, the sheriff said.

After exchanging fire with the agent, the men fled in their vehicle, but didn’t make it too far.

“They got a ways down the road before the thing stopped working,” Spence said.

From there they fled on foot along a floodway toward the nearest small town of Sebastian. A homeowner let investigators know the men were holed up outside in his shed.

Sheriff Spence does not suspect Vega was targeted for being a federal agent, and feels the shooting fits a pattern of violence found recently in South Texas.

“Another one of these typical robbery things,” Spence explained. “People fishing, people drive by, turn around, come back, pull weapons and rob them.”

“In this case, someone got shot.”

KRGV reports that the men confessed to the shooting once they were found. They told police they didn’t mean to shoot Vega, but only wanted to scare him into giving up his car, cash and jewelry.

“It’s getting very dangerous out there,” the sheriff warned. “You don’t know who you’re going to run into or what they’re up to or why they’re there.”

The men are expected to be arraigned Tuesday and will face capital murder and aggravated theft charges.

Though the Sheriff believes the agent’s death is purely coincidental, the incident will no doubt raise further concerns that the United States’ defacto open border policy is inviting not only those innocently claiming to be refugees, but some who wish to cause violence as well.

Last month, Infowars also scraped up a buried story highlighting the death of a homeless man in Maryland at the hands of a group of six illegal immigrant gang members, who beat and stabbed the man for merely arguing with one of them.

The sheriff’s attempt to downplay the shooting also fits with a pattern discussed in a report last month following another shooting in the Rio Grande Valley.

According to Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, federal agents working along the border had to run for cover when .50-caliber shots rang out on the Mexican side of the Rio Bravo.

“We don’t have any armor that can stop a .50-caliber round, so our Border Patrol agents had to take cover when the rounds were ricocheting around them,” Rep. Gohmert told Fox after visiting the border.

In what one Border Patrol source said is “an attempt to maintain a false sense of calm,” CBP officialdom did not inform agents of the circumstances surrounding the shooting, nor did it issue a memo warning of any increased danger.