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by Brian Anderson | Downtrend | September 19, 2014

Gun control is population control

 Admitting That Gun Control Doesn’t Work, D.C. Mayor Calls For More Gun Control

Image Credits: Elvert Barnes / Flickr

The great thing about arguing gun control with leftist ninnies is that you don’t have to argue at all; they talk themselves into a corner leaving us pro-2A types free to sit back and laugh.

Yesterday at a Navy Yard shooting memorial Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray made an impassioned speech about the need for more gun control, all the while providing proof that tough gun laws do nothing to reduce crime.

“Residents of our city lost friends and neighbors; they lost mothers and fathers; they lost colleagues and they lost fellow church members,” said Gray.

But how can this be? Washington DC has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Until recently, handguns were completely banned and the carrying of firearms was prohibited. If gun control laws work, wouldn’t DC be the safest place in the country?

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