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October 15, 2014  | By Matthew Burke

Tom.FriedenObama CDC Director Tom Frieden went on FOX News Tuesday night to defend how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is handling the Ebola virus, telling Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File,” that, “Our information has been clear and correct,” and that a travel ban to Ebola-inflicted countries would somehow cause the deadly virus to “spread more.”

“We know how Ebola spreads and we know how to stop it,” Frieden contended, even though the government agency director’s story about the disease has changed several times since the first outbreak in the United States, leading some to call for his resignation or firing (Watch interview with Megyn Kelly below).

While Frieden stated that “our information is clear and correct,” that hasn’t exactly been the case. Earlier this week during a press conference Frieden admitted that we “have to rethink the way we address Ebola control.”

Twitter_tomfrieden-CDC“We still know how to stop Ebola,” Frieden claimed after being pressed by Kelly to back up his claim that the government would “stop Ebola dead in its tracks.” However, a health care worker, 26 -year-old Nina Pham, who treated the first Ebola patient in Dallas, has contacted the deadly virus. Her boyfriend is also now being monitored after exhibiting Ebola symptoms and a second health care worker in Dallas has tested positive.

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When Kelly asked the Obama CDC director why not put a temporary travel ban in place until health care facilities here are up to the task to procedurally handle the outbreak, Frieden outrageously responded that “if we isolate these countries,” Ebola would “spread more” and “we’ll be at higher risk.”

“If we isolate these countries, what’s not going to happen is the disease staying there. It will spread more, all over Africa and we’ll be at higher risk.”


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