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By Top Right News on April 28, 2015

black-vet-baltimoreby Bill Callen | Top Right News

During the Baltimore riots last night, CNN reporter Joe Johns walked up to a man on the street and asked him:

“Sir, who are you?”

The man responded:

“I’m just a soldier.”

The man’s name is Robert Valentine, Vietnam veteran. And what followed was perhaps the most remarkable 70 seconds of video we’ve seen over two nights of chaos in the Baltimore streets:

Johns: “You sort of took it upon yourself to tell those young people to go away. Aren’t you a little bit concerned for your own safety?”

Valentine: “Here’s number one. I did 30 years, okay? Came out a Master Sergeant. I’ve seen more than all this. I’ve been through the riots already. This right here is not relevant. They need to have their butts at home, they need to be in their home units with their family, studying and doing something with their life. Not out here protesting about something that’s not really nothing.

They do not respect this young man’s death, you know?…So I’m very pissed…

I love my country, I love my Charm City, and I’m an American. I’m not Black, White, red, yellow, or nothing; I am American.”

Incredible words from Robert Valentine, an American hero.